The Staunton Performing Art Center presents PAC 'n the Streets A NOSTALGIC, FAMILY - FRIENDLY STREET FAIR
 Beverley Street between Market & Central Downtown Staunton

Sheryl Wagner, Staunton Director of Tourism:

 “Congratulations, Staunton Performing Arts Center on a job well done again this year!”


Brent Schoenduby, Shenandoah Pizza Proprietor:

 “PAC ‘n the Streets is by far the best downtown event we have.  Thanks to the event and the support of our community we had a near record day at our restaurant!”


Jeremy Eastman, Attendee:

 “The diversity of PAC ‘n the Streets vendors lends itself to a wide range of tastes and interests, creating an atmosphere of energy and excitement.  Live performers provided continual entertainment, ranging from interpretive dancers, mystic magicians, and a troupe of young ballerinas.  All in all, PAC ‘n the Streets is a must-attend for all. Thank you to the community leaders who host this awesome event!”


Carmel Clavin, Entertainer:

 “Thanks again for all your work on the event and I hope Spectacle & Mirth can work with SPAC in the near future at the Dixie!”


Maia Browning, Rockbridge Area Occupational Center:

 “Thank you for allowing us to participate in PAC ‘n the Streets!  It was a thoroughly delightful experience. We especially appreciated your extra-ordinary organization of the event, and your regular check-ins with the vendors. We did very well with our sales, and hope that we many join you again next year.”


Dan Layman, Chair, Community Foundation of the Central Blue Ridge:

 “I’m glad that PAC ‘n went well despite the early morning rain.  From what we saw when we came down around noon, everyone was having a great time!”


Nick Peetros, Out-of-State Attendee:

 “Once again, we had a great time at PAC ‘n the Streets 2015!”


Grebo the Magician, Entertainer:

 “I had a wonderful time performing my close up magic routines. I loved the way you folks put this together and Staunton will certainly benefit from your efforts.  Thank you for having me.”


Craig Peterson, Art and Artisan Vendor:

 “Thanks for your hard work to put on the show.”


Kitty Sheets, Volunteer:

 “My grandson had a blast! He loved the Pots and Pans Parade and, of course, R2D2! Great  job!”


Carey McCallum, Sacred Circle Proprietor:

 “Although I wasn’t working that day, we were able to get downtown for about an hour that afternoon and it was great to see so many people out having a good time and enjoying the food, vendor booths and entertain-ment.”


Steve Taetzsch, Staunton Parks and Recreation Department:

 “It was a great event. …  Look forward to doing it again next year!”



                                            Dan Layman, Entertainer:

                                            “Thanks so much for having Gabby Haze at the

                                             event. We will be happy to work with you



                                            Marney Gibbs, Member, SPAC Board of


                                            “It was truly a great success.  Congratulations!”


Kim Cormier, Attendee:

 “You did a fantastic job on PAC ‘n!!!  I came down for several hours in the morning and had a great time.  Looks like people were out in full force.  Congratulations, it looked to me to be a huge success.”


Debra Hampton, Food Vendor:

 “I would love to join in again next year as I really enjoyed being a part of this year’s PAC ‘n the Streets.”


Lou Boden, Entertainer:

 “Thank you for such a well run performance setting.  It makes it better for all of us.”


Bill Martin, Master of Ceremonies:

 “It turned out to be a fine day.  I had a great time, and enjoyed meeting some cool folks.  Thanks so much for letting me be a part of this.”