The Staunton Performing Art Center presents PAC 'n the Streets A NOSTALGIC, FAMILY - FRIENDLY STREET FAIR
 Beverley Street between Market & Central Downtown Staunton


To All Who Have Attended, Supported & Participated in

PAC ’n the Streets


         For the past four years, the Festival Committee of the Staunton Performing Arts Center has put on PAC ’n the Streets, a nostalgic, family-friendly street fair, as a free gift to the community, and as a showcase for the arts and culture of the region.


        The organizers of the event have always been a “small but mighty” group. For last year’s festival, the committee numbered just nine. Not long after planning for 2017 began, we lost the services of three of these. As we entered the new year, two of the most critical members of the remaining hard-working group of six were faced with crises that turned their lives upside down and made all other commitments secondary at best.


       Faced with so substantial a diminishment of essential expertise and experience, and reluctant to risk doing a festival that was to anything less than the high standards that we--and you--have come to expect, we decided to take a break and forego PAC ’n the Streets 2017.

 The decision was made with a heavy heart, yet with the confidence it was what is best for all concerned.  While we will not be together this September working and playing in celebration,  we invite you to continue to visit this website, both to learn how things will proceed from here, and to enjoy memories of past festivals.


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